Saturday, April 20, 2024

Marijuana and Psychedelic News to look out for in 2022

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Welcome to our third year in what is turning out to be a quite hellish-feeling decade!

However, my more optimistic side sees these last couple years as transformative, opening up a world that embraces change and turns its eye toward the future. So with that more pleasant, much healthier side of ourselves, let’s take a look and see what this new year may offer in marijuana and psychedelic achievements.

Many more states legalizing

The flood gates busted open last year, and this year won’t be any different when it comes to legalization across the country. A bill plans to be introduced in Delaware, Oklahoma has quickly become a hub for fed up Texans, and others to watch are Maryland, Ohio (which has made great headway at the city level across the state) and Pennsylvania, with the latter having some bills ready from the Republican side of the chamber. And as bipartisan as legal marijuana has become, medical marijuana is even more so, with Wyoming, Mississippi, Nebraska, and North Carolina being potentials. The legalization news rate is only going to increase.

Federal Legalization will…continue to be confusing

Schumer made waves by announcing a bill that would legalize marijuana at a national level (despite the same thing happening much earlier in the House), but ever since the bill was open for public comments, not much has been heard about it besides blocking the marijuana banking bill so that it wouldn’t interfere with their larger bill. With President Biden continually silent on the subject, there isn’t much faith in its passing. So I predict this year that we’ll continue to hear Senators touting the bill without much substance behind it. A Republican bill introduced by Senator Nancy Mace is much more promising (albeit much more limited in scope) but politics will block this from the spotlight, since the Dems want marijuana legalization to be their thing.

Psychedelic Decriminalization on numerous city ballots in November

We’re officially in an election year, and if the last one was any indication, we’ll be seeing much more about psychedelic decriminalization on a local level. Two years ago, we saw Oregon make big steps and become the first state to decriminalize all drugs. Since then, California has played with the idea of psychedelic decriminalization with lots of promise for seeing the issue get on the ballot this year. Cities across the country who have watched others pave the way will have much more ground to stand on this year. This is one issue in which it’ll be fun to see the results pour in on Election day.

More Studies, and More Positive Results for Psychedelic Treatment

Psychedelic therapy is quickly emerging from the illicit shadows and becoming something that is seriously talked about for many patients across the country. Ketamine therapy, although not fully a psychedelic, is becoming a very popular alternative for those suffering from depression, and psilocybin has the potential to be an even greater tool. Many, many studies are being done on mushrooms and their benefits, with lots of these results expected to come out this year. Right now, the energy is optimistic excitement for psychedelic therapy’s potential, and this may be the year in which this tips into real action.

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