Sunday, June 4, 2023

First US Injection Sites to open in New York City

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New York City has authorized two separate Safe Injection Sites to be opened within the city, the first to officially open in the United States.

The sites will open in East Harlem and Washington Heights. In the buildings, clean needles will be provided, along with naloxone in case overdoses occur. Visitors will have to bring their own drugs.

A fight in Philadelphia for the opening of a Safe Injection Site has almost made it to the Supreme Court, and there have been efforts in Seattle and Boston as well.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has sent a letter to the sites that promises no law enforcement action against the operations.

This all comes at a time when overdose deaths have surpassed 100,00- in one year–the most ever on record.

Still no word from the Biden administration on their support or lack of for Safe Injection Sites.

Read the full story at NYTimes.


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