Sunday, April 2, 2023
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A Status Update on Psychedelics

With the overall slowing down of progress on the marijuana front, it may be worth it to wade into the world of psychedelics and...

The separation of children from their parents due to marijuana in Tennessee is causing rifts

A month ago, a couple was pulled over in Tennessee due to a dark tint on their windows and staying in the left lane...

Germany finally moving forward with marijuana legalization

After almost a year of dancing around the issue, Germany is going to move forward with marijuana legalization "in the next few weeks," according...

Marijuana Legalization Bill Passed In Hawaii, Moving the Island State One Step Closer To Cannabis Freedom

Hawaii is primed to legalize marijuana sooner than we may think. Just last week Hawaii House lawmakers said a marijuana legalization bill passed through...

Oklahoma votes against recreational marijuana

Welp, so much for that. In a ballot initiative across the entire state of Oklahoma, voters decisively voted against recreational marijuana. With 95% of the vote...



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Marijuana Advertising On Twitter Is Hit Or Miss

After a few months of marijuana advertising being available on Twitter we finally have some results. Since the company decided to allow marijuana marketing on their social media platform...

New York gets the ball rolling after court allows licenses to be given out

A major hurdle presented itself in front of New York's marijuana rollout when a judge prohibited dispensary licenses to be given out in Central...

Chinese organized crime is very prevalent in America’s Illegal Weed Market

An article at Politico goes into the worrying roots of much of the illicit marijuana in our country. In illegal grows throughout Oklahoma, California, and...

Rick Ross Announces New Cannabis Strain ‘Collins Ave’

Rick Ross has launched his new cannabis strain ‘Collins Ave’. Rapper turned entrepreneur has expanded his resume with a new cannabis strain for weed...

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