Rats keep eating all the seized marijuana in India

When the police of Mathura in India were asked to provide about 850 pounds of marijuana as evidence for a case in the Uttar Pradesh state, they came back empty handed and blamed it on the rats. “There’s a rat menace in almost all police stations. Hence, necessary arrangements need to be made to safeguard […]

New Fentanyl Vaccine would change the game

A new study has found a vaccine used to stop the high of fentanyl from reaching the brain to be effective on rats. Anti-fentanyl antibodies bind to the fetanyl as it enters the body and does not allow it to attach to receptors. Therefore the user wouldn’t feel the high and lose their desire to […]

Marijuana Hearing to be held next week in Congress

A week after two new states joined the legal marijuana landscape, a hearing will be held to discuss the various paths to legalization that have been introduced. For one, Republican Nancy Mace’s federal legalization bill has been circling for months now, and she had previously been promised a hearing for her bill, titled the States […]

Here’s how Marijuana fared in the Election

As we’ve anticipated, some new states now have legal marijuana. Although it wasn’t the blowout that I was hoping for, the news is mainly good for drug and marijuana legalization across the country. The first state to receive legal weed by a huge margin is Maryland, with 65% of the population voting in favor. Missouri […]

Diddy now has the largest black-owned cannabis brand

Last Friday, Sean “Diddy” Combs made the announcement that he was purchasing three pre-existing marijuana operations in three states. For a colossal $185 million, Diddy bought the operations from Cresco Labs and Columbia Care who had to divest these operations in order for their merger to pass. Diddy said he’s buying the assets in order […]

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