NFL looking to weed for pain treatment

Potentially the most painful sport in the country (although I’m sure a lot of Rodeo-heads will disagree), the NFL is looking to get out of the opioid business. They’re offering up $1 million in grants to researchers looking to find an alternative to their current opioid-centric treatment, including marijuana and CBD. In particular, they want […]

Free joints for vaccinated adults in Washington

Yesterday Washington state approved joints being given out to adults who have gotten the covid vaccine. They’re calling it “Joints for Jabs,” and it follows breweries and restaurants giving out free drinks and the state handing out prize money up to $1 million, according to KXL news. The lottery prize money is becoming a rather […]

Researchers to be given more access to marijuana

A large bill that provides funding for highways is going to be taken up within the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week. It’s a mammoth, over 1,200 pages, but somewhere within its binding they were able to slip in an expansion of what researchers are able to study when it comes to marijuana. As […]

What’s the status on shrooms in Oregon?

The voter-approved legislation to decriminalize drugs in Oregon made a big splash way back in November, but since then we haven’t heard a whole lot of news. Of course, it’s a long process to create a brand new industry from the ground up, but there have been some recent rumblings. In March of this year, […]

Legal psychedelics passes California Senate

After passing through three different committees in the House, California’s psychedelic decriminalization bill has come out the other side, with the State Senate voting 21-16 in its favor. Its next step is to be approved again by the House, then will land on Governor Newsom’s desk for him to sign into law. To be clear, […]

Marijuana Consumption Sites coming to Nevada

The next wave of marijuana-related bills sweeping state governments across the country has been the enactment of weed consumption sites, and Nevada is next to jump on board. A bill that would create licenses for “retail cannabis consumption lounges” and “independent cannabis consumption lounges” has passed through the state’s legislature and is expected to be […]

Legalization Updates

Things move quickly in the cannabis industry, and many states are at some stage in the process of legalizing. So here’s an update on three of them. Montana Last week, Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte signed their legal recreational bill, after voters approved the measure in November. It was seemingly done in reluctance after a bumpy […]

Urine tests positive with marijuana on the rise

With the dissolving stigma around marijuana, people seem to be caring less about an employer’s awareness of their smoking habits. An incremental increase of positive marijuana urine tests has been occurring over the years. In 2016, 2% of all drug tests done by the lab Quest Diagnostics came back with a marijuana-positive reading. That went […]

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