Is Microdosing Psychedelics all just a Placebo?

The practice of microdosing either LSD or mushrooms has become more and more prominent in our culture over the years. It seems like a great stopgap before a hallucinogenic trip for those a tad intimidated by the loss of control that ensues from diving in headfirst. The rewards are simple and pleasant – a better […]

Cannabis Lounges become legal in Nevada

While Nevada legalized marijuana, it was not legal to smoke cannabis anywhere outside of a private residence. That left lots of tourists out of the loop, and left with no good options but to break the law when consuming marijuana in the state. Now, that’s been fixed with regulations finally being approved for the opening […]

Psilocybin Legalization Bill Introduced in New Jersey Senate

After the news that Colorado will likely get enough signatures to get mushroom legalization on the ballot for November, New Jersey is following up on that with their own legislation. However, theirs goes further than anything else we’ve seen. The Senate President, Nicholas Scutari, just introduced legislation that would legalize the ability for adults 21 […]

DEA Arrests for marijuana spiked in 2021

In some news that is slightly baffling, the DEA upped its confiscation game in 2021, up 22% in confiscation and 32% in arrests from the year before. However, as we all know too well, 2020 was an anomaly for most statistics, so it would be more accurate to compare 2021’s numbers to 2019. Even with […]

California may put health warnings on Cannabis Products

Despite the overwhelming majority of positive experiences with marijuana, there is of course a potential to overuse the plant for a susceptible population. Studies have shown a link between marijuana and a higher risk of forming a psychiatric disorder, especially when using marijuana with very high THC levels, or smoking weed as a teen. This, […]

More Details on the Weed Compromise Bill Being Worked On

Talks are still tentative and no deal has yet been struck, but more details have come out on the bill that is currently being considered as a “compromise” bill between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. Dave Joyce, Republican from Ohio, has spoken of a meeting he has had with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer […]

What’s the deal with Kush, Colorado?

A town of 120 people in Colorado that received an exponential boom in the economy when a marijuana grow operation popped up in its border is trying to change its name to Kush. Still called Moffat, Colorado, the founder of the operation Area 420, Mike Biggio, is leading the effort to change the name in […]

Republican Senator Releases Ad for SAFE Banking Act

A Republican Senator from Montana has created a video ad in hopes to raise the prospects of his own sponsored SAFE Banking Bill. SAFE Banking would make it legally “safe” for banks to deal with marijuana companies, including dispensaries. Because it is now a legal gray area, many dispensaries have to deal in cash, which […]

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