Psilocybin updates across the US

The snowballing of psilocybin legislation has begun in earnest, and just within the past week we are seeing some real action being taken on different levels. NIDA For one, studies continue to be conducted across the board. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, a top federal agency, has approved a grant for researchers at Johns […]

Does the banking bill now have a shot?

The SAFE banking act, which shields banks from penalty from Federal regulators if they decide to work with marijuana companies, has a had an arduous path in the Legislature despite bipartisan support. However, the most integral parts of the bill have made their way through the House (yet again) attached to the much larger Defense […]

Canadian Weed Stocks Are Sinking

A rather weak earnings report was expected yesterday for the company Aurora Cannabis, but in a move that pretty much confirms its negative outlook, the company delayed the release without any explanation, while also laying off 8% of their workforce. Even before these numbers were expected to come out, stocks across the board for Canadian […]

Amazon continues its push for Weed Legalization

If only Amazon had their own social media platform… Continuing it’s vow to fight for weed legalization, Amazon has released a statement that further solidifies their opinion, written by Beth Galetti, their Senior Vice President of Human Resources. One of the main announcements they make is that they have allowed previous employees who had been […]

Weed Advertising in the age of Social Media

Much has been said about the vague and shadowy policies that Facebook has regarding marijuana on their platform. However, it does seem that they have been consistently conservative when it comes to the topic, so most of us have erred on the side of not doing much on the platform. But what about the other […]

Some Hall of Flowers Events to look out for

The two year anniversary for Hall of Flowers is coming, and this year it looks like it’ll be bigger than ever. Over the course of the rest of the year, there will be three events, starting in Santa Rosa, then Vegas, then Palm Springs. There are a bunch of conversations happening at the first event […]

Warnings issued about health risks of Delta-8 THC Products

Marijuana may be entirely legal in one state and entirely illegal in the state bordering it. With this kind of discrepancy, you get the search for loopholes, and the availability of Delta-8 products in marijuana-prohibited states is exactly that. Delta-8 THC is a hemp derived extract that has similar intoxicating affects to marijuana, but because […]

Smoking Weed at the New York State Fair became an issue

It seems New York is finding out its limits for the acceptance of marijuana-use. Previously, we had reported that the New York State Fair was allowing marijuana-use wherever tobacco-use was permitted. Turns out, tobacco was permitted in lots of areas on the premises, enough to create problems for families who didn’t want to be around […]

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