Good news for pot-smoking runners

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I consider myself a frequent runner. So the question always comes up as to whether running habits and weed habits can or should coexist.

An article at InsideHook looks into this, with relatively good news.

On a scientific level, they pair well due to marijuana’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

“Cannabinoids have very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Some cannabinoids serve to facilitate muscle relaxation. In theory, this relaxation could impede optimal performance in exercise tasks, but this is purely theoretical. In fact, I have the great fortune of treating many athletes who feel that their cannabis consumption only amplifies their performance and allows them to push through self-imposed barriers,” says Dr. Benjamin Caplan.

Of course, ingesting all that smoke goes in the opposite direction of lung health. But we do know that marijuana smoke is less destructive than tobacco smoke. And there are ways to reduce the harmful effects on your lungs, like using vaporizers instead, or edibles.

And along with the anti-inflammatory benefits, there is also the motivation bump that you get with marijuana.

“One day you can go out and feel every single twinge, which may not be a bad thing,” Avery Collins, an ultrarunner, said. “I’ll take the downhills a little easier, try to switch my muscle groups on the uphill a little bit more. The benefit of being high is you’re more in tune with your body. It keeps you more alert and aware.”

Info like this will continue to knock down that old stigma of a connection between weed and laziness.

And I suggest you read the full article. As for me, I’ll probably be taking a hit before I go out for a run today.

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