Mexico doesn’t meet cutoff for legalizing marijuana

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A back and forth on a bill to legalize marijuana that lasted months ended by… not really ending.

The Supreme Court gave the legislators up until this week to create a bill that would legalize marijuana in the country after deeming abolition unconstitutional in 2018.

There’s been lots of deadline extensions, so it doesn’t seem like the possibility is really dead, but it is disconcerting that they can’t seem to come to an agreement on what the bill entails. Also, a new deadline was never requested this time.

This session seemed to have a little more optimism, but a few revisions had made it unworkable for others.

There is hope that they will hold a special session after the elections in June, according to Marijuana Moment. So those holding their breath for legalization in Mexico will have to continue holding but just a bit longer.

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