Daily Cannabis use lowers risk of Opioid Abuse

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A new study has been published by the Harm Reduction Journal that finds a correlation between daily marijuana users and a lowered risk of opioid use from those with past addictions.

The team surveyed 2,316 subjects who were suffering from Opioid Use Disorder. Of them, 51 percent were using cannabis.

Those that were using cannabis daily had much lower odds of using opioids, around 61% lower. That’s a staggering difference. However, those using cannabis infrequently did not show the same lowered risk.

“For patients using cannabis during treatment, we provide evidence that certain characteristics of cannabis use are associated with less opioid use, including daily use. … Future studies should further examine specific characteristics and patterns of cannabis use that may be protective or problematic in MAT [medication-assisted treatment].”

This form of treatment has been in the news recently, with Demi Lovato claiming she uses cannabis to help her recovery, calling it being “California Sober.”

Read the study here.

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