Sha’Carri Richardson may be banned from Olympics because of Marijuana

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In some news that will seem entirely antiquated in just a few years, one of the best American runners has tested positive for marijuana, and will probably have to miss a chance at winning a gold medal in the upcoming Olympics.

Richardson has been breaking records in the 100-meter dash, but after testing positive last month in the US Olympic trials, she’s faced with a three month probation.

The World Anti-Doping Agency is in charge of which drugs are banned from the Olympics, and cannabis has been on this list for decades. According to the agency, marijuana meets three criteria: it poses a health risk, it potentially enhances performance, and it violates the spirit of the sport.

Rather nonscientific reasoning, it seems.

On the plus side, it does seem like they are willing to adapt, albeit slowly. CBD was taken off the banned list in 2019.

Original story at ESPN.

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