Weed Advertising in the age of Social Media

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Much has been said about the vague and shadowy policies that Facebook has regarding marijuana on their platform. However, it does seem that they have been consistently conservative when it comes to the topic, so most of us have erred on the side of not doing much on the platform.

But what about the other social media networks? MJBizDaily takes a look at two others and found some potential opportunities.


TikTok’s explosion in the cultural consciousness has been a blessing for lots of creators who learned to utilize the it’s viral quality. And while they specifically prohibit sales, trades, or solicitation of any controlled substance, lots of creators have found their way around this, whether it be hastagging in code (#leaf, #ouid, #oregano) or simply being very vague and leaving the implications up to the viewer.

For instance, a smoking-equipment retailer Bowlz recently had a video on Tiktok go viral, and soon all of their inventory was sold out.

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Clubhouse is quickly becoming something different, etching out a space that is more linkedin than Instagram, but that is ultimately going to benefit the marijuana industry. Because of the “live” nature of the entire app, banning topics is virtually impossible. Therefore rooms centered around specific topics in the marijuana industry are able to thrive.

Curaleaf has begun to create discussions, including one titled “Nanotechnology in Cannabis”.

So while going viral is probably off limits to this app, it can be a great place to network with other people who work in the industry.


Both apps are not as specifically limiting as Instagram or Facebook, so they are ultimately much more suitable for marijuana, which continues to be stuck in the limbo between legal and illegal.

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