Weather across the country is SCREWING marijuana companies

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There’s a whole gamut of weather-related catastrophe’s happening in the US right now, and they’re all majorly disrupting the supply system for the marijuana industry.

With a sustained heatwave, flooding, tornadoes, and wildfire smoke, marijuana plants are simply not thriving in pretty much every part of the country.

The heat is causing cultivators in California to go to great lengths to protect their plants, including creating shade, easing up on energy consumption, and having their workers do night shifts when it isn’t blazingly hot.

With the insane heat comes heavy use of electricity, and there are concerns in two-thirds of the country that energy may cut out, which would have very negative consequences for indoor growers.

Vermont and other New England states got rampaged by flooding, and there is a potential for the water supply to be contaminated, which would essentially effect everything under the sun in the area, including marijuana growth.

Location is going to be an extremely important factor when discerning whether or not to build a facility. Rivers, potential for extreme heat, and locations prone to tornadoes will all soon be nonstarters for companies interested in longevity.

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