Uber Eats is adding marijuana to the app in British Columbia

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In most areas where weed is legal, there’s typically an option for delivery. It makes so much sense, even arguably more than food, for marijuana to get delivered straight to the home. And making it as easy as possible will get more and more people on board.

So when a very popular app like Uber Eats gets marijuana, it’s a big deal. Even if it’s only Canada for now.

Yesterday, citizens in British Columbia joined Ontario in the ability to buy marijuana from Uber Eats. It’s the same deal as other marijuana delivery apps, in that age is verified upon delivery and fees vary depending on the dispensary.

Uber Eats is sure to garner a pretty big reach, but there is concern that they’ll eat deeply into the dispensaries’ margins.

“It’s no different than with restaurants that offer take-out,” says Inspired Cannabis co-founder Jesse Dhami. “Restaurant owners have complained that it is not economical because DoorDash or Uber get the lion’s share of the benefit of the sale.”

Time will tell, and we’ll really see how this business strategy fares when it inevitably comes south to the US.

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