Twitter To Allow Some Marijuana Companies To Advertise On Their Site

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Twitter has become one of the first major social platforms to allow marijuana advertising in a new turn of events. Just last week, the platform took a large step in what many are calling a new era for weed. The service will allow vetted marijuana campaigns to be shown and advertised to users over the age of 21. Although there is still a hefty process advertisers will have to go through in order for their campaigns to show up on screens, many are excited for what social media platforms will come next.

According to the platform, there is some criteria for campaigns to be approved from Twitter. The largest criteria is that the marijuana companies cannot promote or offer for sale cannabis products. Although this may seem counterintuitive, many companies are still eager to get their names across timelines. Below are more criteria companies have to abide by in order for the chance to get the campaign.

  • Companies must be licensed by the “appropriate authorities.”
  • Companies must only target ads to areas where they are licensed to promote products or service online
  • Companies can only target those above the age of 21
  • Companies must assume all legal responsibilities for complying with the applicable laws and regulations

Companies also cannot appeal to minors nor make any health claims, or show any depictions of cannabis use. Many cannabis companies won’t be able to advertise through Twitter due to local state regulations.

Twitter is promoting these campaigns by offering a match on campaign dollars. This means that for every $1 spent by an agency, Twitter will provide $2 in advertising. Along with this deal, companies often have to spend roughly $5,000-$10,000 just to start their campaign. Twitter is allowing companies to start with as little as $50. Expect within the next couple of weeks a significant boost in cannabis related ads on your feed.

Read the whole article from Politico here.

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