Republican Senate Leader in Ohio Working hard to change marijuana law

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Ohio’s voters made their voices heard earlier this month when they voted to legalize marijuana in the state. If all goes according the vote, marijuana will be legalized in early December.

But not if Governor Mike DeWine can get his way. There is a month buffer period built in so that any changes to the bill can happen before it goes into law. The Senate President, Matt Huffman, is on the same page with the Governor, and is working over time to change the bill.

“It’s kind of all hands on deck here,” he said on Wednesday about the bill amendments.

It’s unclear what the changes will be, but it seems that most of the focus is on the allocation of taxes. Republicans in the state would like it to go mainly towards law enforcement.

Technically, these changes wouldn’t go into effect until at least nine months from now. However Huffman would like to have everything in place so that Ohioans know what the bill will eventually look like.

So the allocation of taxes is still up in the air, but it looks like legalization as a whole is sticking for Ohio.

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