Saturday, September 30, 2023

Over 80,000 pounds of marijuana has been seized at the border during the pandemic

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Ever since non-essential traffic has been closed at the Canada/US border, lots and lots of marijuana has been seized. In 2020 alone, over 70,000 pounds were stopped. This is ten times the amount that occurred in 2019.

This hasn’t slowed down. This year, 13,000 pounds has been seized so far. That’s an estimated $20 million lost in black market profits.

Most of the seizures occur in Upstate New York, with some in North Dakota and Vermont.

While the numbers in Canada are way up, entry points via Mexico have remained static. 450,000 pounds of marijuana was seized at all other entry points, which includes Mexico’s border, sea, and air travel. This is at the same relative level to other years.

The closed border with Canada has been extended to June 21. After this, it can be assumed that seizures will drop again.

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