New York gets the ball rolling after court allows licenses to be given out

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A major hurdle presented itself in front of New York’s marijuana rollout when a judge prohibited dispensary licenses to be given out in Central and Western New York, Mid-Hudson, Brooklyn, and the Finger Lakes region. These are major hubs for potential dispensaries, and the block curtailed serious progress in the state.

Yesterday, however, a judge from a federal appeals court lifted that block, except for 18 licenses in the Finger Lakes. Other than those, 108 dispensary licenses dispersed across the state are now able to go through, as soon as April 3rd.

Farmers have been sitting on a huge amount of product, waiting for dispensaries to open in larger regions in the state.

So far in New York state, only five stores have opened. Two more are expected to open this week. In total, 56 businesses and 10 nonprofit groups have been granted licenses. With this prohibition stripped, hopefully the snowball effect in the very prosperous state of New York will begin.

Read the original story at New York Times.

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