Saturday, April 20, 2024

New Poll finds many more Americans smoking weed than cigarettes

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The transition from tobacco to marijuana is now fully complete, according to a Gallup poll that shows a clear winner in the competition.

17% of Americans surveyed said they smoked marijuana in the past week, compared to 12% who smoked cigarettes. That’s already is big gap, but the gap widens even more in the influential age bracket of 18-34, where 26% smoke marijuana compared to 5% who smoke cigarettes.

The growth of marijuana smokers in the country has been consistent for the past couple decades, but the Gallup poll is rather narrow, since it doesn’t ask about other ways to consume marijuana. Also, it would be interesting to see where vaping nicotine falls between cigarettes and marijuana. Vaping has grown just as fast, if not faster, than marijuana over the last few years.

Marijuana’s acceptance in culture is growing by the day as people continue to find it helpful, and awareness rises throughout the youth. It’s great to see.

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