New Jersey Cops no longer will be tested for marijuana

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The attorney general in New Jersey just put out the new drug policies for police in the state, and screenings for marijuana are no longer going to be used – for the most part.

New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana last year to great fanfare, and since then, it doesn’t make much sense to be screening for THC in the system of police officers if it’s a legal substance.

However, if there’s reasonable suspicion that a police officer is high on the job, or if there is ever a federal requirement for testing.

“Agencies must undertake drug testing when there is reasonable suspicion to believe a law enforcement officer is engaged in the illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance, or is under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, including unregulated marijuana, or cannabis during work hours.”

We’ll have to wait until this is enacted to see the exact way in which this will be implemented. Because if it’s just a matter of some red eyes being enough to conduct a screening, then this may be a problem. Otherwise though, some good news that law enforcement is loosening its grip on marijuana.

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