Saturday, April 20, 2024

New Hampshire state congressman defects from Republican party after lack of marijuana action

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A congressman in the state House of New Hampshire has announced over Facebook that he is leaving the Republican party for a number of fiscally conservative reasons, but one of them is because the party rejected a marijuana legalization bill.

Representative Dan Hynes is now undeclared/independent. In his reasons for leaving, he states how the State Senate “almost unanimously voted against legalizing marijuana for adults.”

“It is clear they are out of touch with the overwhelming majority of their constituents, and that they do not respect or advocate for personal freedom.”

The other reasons Representative Hynes stated were in relation to the republicans lack of fiscal conservative values. “While other states like Nebraska passed a budget that increased spending by just 2%, a majority of N.H. House Republicans voted with 90% of the Democrats to pass a budget that increased spending by around 20%.”

It’s fascinating to see how the legalization of marijuana has found support with fiscal conservatives, and the gap between these congresspeople and the louder voices of the socially-minded republicans growing wider and wider.

Hynes supports an entirely free-market version of a marijuana industry in New Hampshire, as opposed to one with the government involved.

“Yes, the feds would probably look the other way. Or maybe it would force the feds’ hand. That’d be great,” he tells Marijuana Moment. “But I just can’t see getting the state involved with something that’s really illegal. It doesn’t make sense to go about it that way.”

Read the original piece at Marijuana Moment.

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