Minnesota is the 23rd state to legalize weed – and it’s going great

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On August 1st, Minnesota made us two states shy of having half of the country able to recreationally buy marijuana. You have to be 21 or older, and you can possess up to 2 pounds of flower at home, and 2 ounces in public.

Similar to New Jersey and New York, the opening of new dispensaries is slow going, and as of now there is only one available. But judging by the business it’s taken in, Minnesota has a huge hunger for this plant.

With most dispensaries having to wait until 2025 to get licenses, the Red Lake Nation Tribe was able to use it’s Native American loophole to get in the business early. Located 3 hours away from any major city, the dispensary had a huge line from the morning to evening, and had to eventually cut off sales because they ran out. This is all just on the first day. THEN, they had to cut off online orders because so many were coming in. If they have another couple years of being the only dispensary in town, things are looking good for Red Lake.

 There are also some THC restaurants popping up in Minneapolis that serve some delicious looking “mocktails”. Marijuana has a bright future in this state.

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