Marijuana, coming to a Circle K Near You

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When a product hits the shelf of a gas station, you know it’s gotten to a level of success and normalcy in our culture. And it looks like weed is about to reach this milestone.

Circle K, a national convenience store chain, has made a deal with Green Thumb Industries to sell marijuana in its Florida gasoline locations.

The deal will start at 10 locations of their 600 in the state, and will go underway in the beginning of next year.

This is the first of its kind in which marijuana will be sold at a physical, brick and mortar store whose sole purpose isn’t to sell marijuana. The areas in which marijuana will be sold will have separate entrances.

Florida is also an interesting choice because marijuana is only legal medicinally, so it will only be sold to citizens with medical cards. This is about 700,000 people.

It’s likely that this is a testing ground for a much larger expansion if it works out. Marijuana sold at gas stations would be a gigantic leap towards normalization.

Read the original story at Bloomberg.

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