Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Las Vegas Hotel Allows You to Smoke Inside It’s Doors

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Tourists in a few states that have legalized marijuana are caught in a bit of a loop. It’s completely legal for them to buy marijuana in Massachusetts or Nevada, but where to smoke it soon becomes a difficult question. It’s very specifically banned in hotels and airbnb’s, and smoking in public is technically off limits as well, although that tends to be the answer for most.

Both of these states are in the process of trying to allow consumption lounges to open, either connected to dispensaries or all on their own, but none have come to fruition just yet. However, Nevada has recently passed a bill that would allow businesses to apply for a license to consume on-site.

In the meantime, one hotel in Las Vegas is taking the very welcome step of allowing marijuana inside the building.

A hospitality owner from Phoenix has bought a 64-room property in Vegas that would be the first to allow smoking weed in all of the rooms.

“Our rooms and property are going cannabis-friendly. Coming offerings include a cannabis shuttle and a membership lounge,” says Pro Hospitality Group, the group responsible for buying the property in Vegas.

They go on to ask, when the hotel opens and legislation is fully passed that allows this, for patrons to only smoke within their rooms and not in public areas in the hotel. Also, the smoking allowance only attains to marijuana, not tobacco products. This, however, seems like a very difficult distinction to enforce.

Read the announcement at Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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