Saturday, April 20, 2024

Gun ban for marijuana smokers is ruled unconstitutional

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Anyone who admits to smoking marijuana is now able to buy guns due to a ruling by a federal appeals court.

The ruling came from a case in which a man was given four years in prison after being pulled over with firearms in his car and admitting to sometimes smoking marijuana. This conviction will now be reversed.

There are a number of cases across the country that were contesting this highly controversial prohibition.

In its ruling, the US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit stated: “Throughout American history, laws have regulated the combination of guns and intoxicating substances. But at no point in the 18th or 19th century did the government disarm individuals who used drugs or alcohol at one time from possessing guns at another.”

“In short, our history and tradition may support some limits on an intoxicated person’s right to carry a weapon, but it does not justify disarming a sober citizen based exclusively on his past drug usage.”

It’s unclear whether this will be appealed to a higher court, and possibly the Supreme Court for a final decision. But for now, this is certainly good news.

Read the original at Marijuana Moment.

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