Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Governor Newsom wants California to provide the marijuana for the entire country

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Newsom made some remarks before the screening of a documentary about marijuana at the Oakland International Film Festival in September. While most of the comments were exactly as you’d expect, one raised some eyebrows.

“We know, as I’ve said, the fight is not over. We have so much more work to do—not just here in the state, but also at the federal level, to move forward with decriminalization to end federal prohibition.” He says that legalization should “also allow our farmers to legally supply the rest of the nation–that’s critical.”

Newsom wanting California to supply marijuana for the rest of the nation sounds on its surface like a typical governor having irrational goals for his or her state, but there’s an argument to be made for actively taming in the supply of marijuana. We’ve heard many stories over the past year of more marijuana being grown than the demand requires, and farmers have been selling their plants for extremely paltry numbers. A market with unregulated growth will only make this problem worse over the years.

This could all of course be a governor speaking to a very specific audience who he knows will respond well to this kind of language, but if not, weed farmers are in for an extremely long decade where they’ll see their prices continually deteriorate.

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