First Full Service Weed Delivery App opens on Apple Devices

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Finally, you are able to go through the entire process of buying and receiving delivery of marijuana through one app.

Eaze now allows full service within the app, wherever marijuana is legal.

“Eaze has always been about using the latest developments in technology to make shopping for legal cannabis more accessible,” said Eaze CEO Rogelio Choy. “It’s hard to overstate how important this is to our company and the industry. It’s deeply gratifying to launch the Apple Store’s first fully-functional cannabis delivery app, making it even easier for our two million registered customers to legally consume.”

This is a big milestone for the normalization of marijuana services and advertising, which has had a rather difficult and murky path forward, especially since the beginning of state legalizations.

Download the app and use their code EAZE20 to get $20 off your first delivery. Happy smoking!

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