Exactly How Successful was New Jersey’s Marijuana Launch Last Week?

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One of the bigger high profile launches of retail this year happened the day after 4/20 in New Jersey. At 13 locations, there were lines out the door and streaming down the street. So all signs were pointing to a successful first day. But exactly how successful was it?

In total, customers bought $1.9 million worth of weed on JUST THAT FIRST DAY. 12,438 customers came out strong.

For comparisons sake, way back in 2014 when Colorado legalized marijuana, their opening day made $1 million, which was considered a great turnout. And that was with 11 more dispensaries opened than in New Jersey last week.

In even more good news, this turnout didn’t effect medical marijuana sales in the state either, which was a concern going into legalization. Medical marijuana is of course priority, considering it’s used as a medicine as opposed to a recreational joy stick.

There is an expectation that many New Yorkers, still waiting for retail to begin in their state, are crossing the border to buy in New Jersey and bring back home. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening in droves quite yet. For one, there are no dispensaries in close proximity to PATH stations, the public transport most city-dwellers will have to take. Hoboken and Jersey City are still without dispensaries. Once stores open up in those areas, first expected this spring in Hoboken, perhaps things will change.

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