Saturday, April 20, 2024

Dr. Oz makes a Bong Come out of Opponents Head in New Ad

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Quite an interesting strategy Dr. Oz is taking up in his race to take the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Despite being out of public eye since he had a stroke on the day of primaries, John Fetterman has maintained a consistent lead over Dr. Oz in the Senate race, and this has caused Dr. Oz to take on an…alternative approach.

In a new video ad, Dr. Oz paints John Fetterman as some crazy, almost Monty Python-like kook with literal screws loose. It’s all done in a cartoonish animation that feels almost catered to kids.

But to top off the whole thing, a bong gets unlodged from Fetterman’s head right after the screws.

The whole thing is worth a watch, so check it out below. Hard to say if this will really help Dr. Oz in any real way, but it does show that the marijuana issue will remain a sticking point for this Republican opponent, and we’ll find out in November just how effective that will be.

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