Confusion as white house staff seems to be forced out due to marijuana use

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News broke this morning that five staffers at the White House were asked to resign due to marijuana use in the past.

Press Secretary Psaki insists there were additional reasons, including harder drug use, but no details were given.

There were also staff members who were asked to work remotely. But again, no details on who or how many.

According to CNN, “The White House is granting waivers on a limited basis on the requirement that employees of the Executive Office of the President qualify for Top Secret clearance in order to employed at the White House, a White House official said.

“In order to be granted an exception, staffers must agree to stop using of marijuana, agree to a pledge to not use marijuana during government service, and undergo random drug tests. These employees will work remotely until their past usage meets the standards set by the Personal Security Division.”

This seems to be a case of news misrepresentation, but the lack of details makes it difficult to discern. This administration had made it clear in the past that marijuana use would not be grounds for termination, and while it does seem clear that they have eased the restrictions, marijuana is still considered something to stay away from while in employment at this White House. They have made that much clear.

Read the original story at The Daily Beast.

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