Company Introduces Psychedelic Shrooms in Nasal Spray

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Madrigal Mental Care, a biopharmaceutical company from Israel, has announced a nasal spray with the purpose to treat PTSD and anxiety. Nanoparticles of psilocybin are in the spray, along with ketamine and MDMA.

The spray will be introduced fully at the Biomed Israel 2022 conference taking place May 10-12 in Tel Aviv. Hopefully we’ll get pictures of the actual device in the coming days.

3.5% of American adults have suffered PTSD in the past year.

Treatment for PTSD has become the entry point into the use of psychedelic therapy in a legal, open air setting, due to the most research being done in this field over the past few years.

Cofounder of Madrigal Mental Care, David Gabay, claims this system has a “significant advantage” over typical ways that mushrooms are ingested, although doesn’t go into details as to what these advantages are. One advantage could potentially be a quicker onset of effects due to nasal ingestion.

The first in-human clinical trials are planned for next year.

Read the original story at Israel 21c.

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