Cannabis CEO’s in Canada are Among Highest Paid in the Country

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In a show of the Cannabis industry’s strength and also its large capitalistic aspirations, a few CEO’s have made it onto a list of the most prosperous in the country of Canada.

According to an analysis by the Centre for Policy Alternatives, the Cannabis industry in Canada has become a large money making machine, with the US surely soon to follow.

This all comes despite these companies reporting losses. For instance, Aphria Inc. CEO Irwin D. Simon is on the list at number seven with a $18.4 million income in 2019. That same year, Aphria Inc. lost a net of $16.5 million.

Another example is Bruce Linton, who earned $9.3 million as the Canopy Growth CEO in 2019 before exiting the company after it lost a whopping $670 million.

These profitable numbers are sure to peak the interest of many entrepeneurs who will see the Cannabis Industry as an opportunity to jump on an already large wave of growth.

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