Saturday, April 20, 2024

Amsterdam Bans Smoking Cannabis In Red Light District Starting In May

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Amsterdam is known for being one of the most popular cannabis tourist destinations on earth. Recently, the European city hosted many cannabis events including the Cannabis Cup, where people from all over the globe come to consume and show off their cannabis. But as of a couple weeks ago, this popular tourist destination could change forever. City legislators have drafted and implemented new rules for cannabis consumption within the city. Their plan is to reduce cannabis consumption and promote more healthy options for the public.

Starting in May, a new policy will go into effect that bans outdoor cannabis consumption in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. Over 18 million people visit the city each year. Many of these visitors often visit this district to take part in recreational activities such as smoking cannabis. Residents and other people complain constantly to the city about the cannabis smell in the air. Due to these complaints, the city has chosen to ban the public use of cannabis.

The city could even go a step further and ban the sale of cannabis to tourists who visit. This is yet to be decided but is up for debate amongst city legislators. More information on whether this ban will go into effect to come.

When it comes to smokeless forms of cannabis in public throughout this Red Light District, the laws are sketchy. Although still technically banned, one could still consume smokeless cannabis with no issues. Given no one will be bothered by edibles through smell, it shouldn’t be an issue as long as the consumer isn’t waving it in anyone’s face.

Read the whole article from CNN here.

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