New York City Is Cracking Down Hard On Illegal Smoke and Cannabis Shops

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The illegal dispensary scene in New York is about to experience a crackdown like no other. Announced last week, police in New York City are now focusing on shutting down unlicensed weed shops. New State legislature has given police officers approval to crack down on the illicit shops, closing their doors permanently and paving the way for legal cannabis to take over.

On Wednesday, the Council’s Committee on Consumer and Worker Protection held a hearing. In this hearing, members spoke with the Sheriff’s Office, NYPD, Department of Health, and many other local agencies about a proliferation of unlicensed smoke shops selling illegal cannabis within New York City. NYC Sheriff Anthony Miranda said this about the illegal shops, “The taskforce is continuing, our operations are increasing, we are doubling – if not tripling – the enforcement that we have… We want them to know the type of enforcement that’s going on so that they understand that we’re not going away.”

Mayor Eric Adams launched a pilot program taskforce meant to address the shar increase in illegal smoke shops. This group has identified over 1200 illicit weed shops and has confiscated about $6 million of illegal products. These products include over 600 lbs. of weed resulting in civil and criminal referrals.

All of this is a result of the new programs implemented to move from illegal weed to legal weed. This shift started earlier this year with the first legal dispensary opening and licenses being issued. Hundreds of other licenses were handed out to those looking to open cannabis shops. These other stores are on track to open by years end.

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