First Cannabis Industry-Related Death Reported at Trulieve

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Lorna McMurrey was a worker in a cultivation factory in Massachusetts passed away on January 7th of this year due to breathing in ground cannabis dust.

She had recently begun her job at Trulieve in Holyoke.

OSHA later conducted an investigation at the factory. In a statement by Trulieve, OSHA found that PPE was available onsite and “the air quality throughout the facility and the samples were all well below acceptable range.”

McMurrey’s mother is considering suing Trulieve for her daughter’s death.

Trulieve has been fined before for violations in respiratory protection standards in March 2020 at a grow in Quincy, Florida.

This is the first death reported from cannabis dust in the newly legal marijuana industry. However, it may not be the last and further emphasizes the necessity for proper respiratory safety when working with extremely fine dust in these factories.

Read the original report at Forbes.

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