Monday, March 20, 2023
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Marijuana Legalization Bill Passed In Hawaii, Moving the Island State One Step Closer To Cannabis Freedom

Hawaii is primed to legalize marijuana sooner than we may think. Just last week Hawaii House lawmakers said a marijuana legalization bill passed through...

Oklahoma votes against recreational marijuana

Welp, so much for that. In a ballot initiative across the entire state of Oklahoma, voters decisively voted against recreational marijuana. With 95% of the vote...

Department of Justice is still working on Marijuana Policy

“I think that it’s fair to expect what I said at my confirmation hearing with respect to marijuana and policy, that it will be...

New Poll shows a big change for Republicans and Weed

One of the more surprising turns in this decade has been the steady warming of Republicans views on marijuana. Initially, we saw legalization bills...

Delta-8 Loophole no longer: DEA classifies it as a controlled substance

For a while there, some areas of the US where weed is prohibited had a nice little cheat code to get high. Delta 8,...



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The Long-Term Effects Cannabis Has On The Brain

In a new study published by Psychology Today, it was found that long-term cannabis use is linked with cognitive decline and impact on the brain’s hippocampus. The largest key...

Marijuana prices still dropping in Oregon

Doesn't seem like we can find the bottom of this deflation on marijuana prices. Over the past several months, the oversupply issue in the marijuana...

‘Father Of Cannabis Research’ Raphael Mechoulam Has Passed Away At 92

The ‘father or cannabis research’ Raphael Mechoulam has passed away at the age of 92. Hebrew researcher Raphael Mechoulam was known widely as the...

Football Players Still Existing in a world of Banned Marijuana

Recently, there have been some examples of football players commenting on marijuana in different forms. But there's one through-line: they can't smoke it. It's something...

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