Where do Republican senators stand with weed?

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“I oppose it,” says Senator Steve Daines from Montana. The state has just voted to legalize marijuana, but Daines still opposes federal legalization.

According to a new article at Politico, there are at least 10 republican senators that Chuck Schumer needs to convince to back a federal legalization bill.

At most, Senators Lisa Murkowski and Richard Shelby voiced support for decriminalization. No one else is budging.

Senator Shelby from Alabama was asked if his opposition to further legalization was in conflict with the will of the people of his state, which legalized medical marijuana this year. His response was, “I don’t know. You got to have some principle, yourself.”

Seems the “hippie stigma” of weed is still a sticking point for many of the older fellas with a say.

We get some more info at the bottom of the article. Apparently the Drug Policy Alliance is waiting until Schumer’s bill is introduced in the Senate to do a full scale lobbying push, but with only two Republicans even close to considering at this point, it’s looking like an extremely steep hill they’ll have to climb.

Read the full article here.


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