Saturday, April 20, 2024

Urine tests positive with marijuana on the rise

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With the dissolving stigma around marijuana, people seem to be caring less about an employer’s awareness of their smoking habits.

An incremental increase of positive marijuana urine tests has been occurring over the years. In 2016, 2% of all drug tests done by the lab Quest Diagnostics came back with a marijuana-positive reading. That went up to 2.5% in 2019, and 2.7% last year.

This is in opposition with the overall positive trend for all drugs, which has stayed static at 4.4%.

This number will definitely go up, considering many workplaces have stopped counting recreational marijuana use as grounds for termination, including (at least in theory) the White House.

Hospitality and restaurant industries are those that test highest, with 6.3% of tests coming back positive for marijuana. No surprise here.

However, some industries are not budging, especially safety-related workplaces like transportation. According to Wall Street Journal, a federal database was recently created to make it harder for truck drivers to hide past positive drug test results.

Read the full story at Wall Street Journal.


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