Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Some regulations on potency could be hitting Colorado

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Soon after Colorado made it available for teens to bring medicinal marijuana into schools, they’re cracking down on anyone looking to abuse the privilege.

A bill was introduced last Friday into the State house that would severely limit the abilities of 18-20 year olds looking to buy medicinal marijuana. It hasn’t passed through yet, but seems it likely will.

In particular, they would not be able to purchase any more than 2 grams of THC concentrate, down from 40 grams, and makes it difficult to visit multiple dispensaries in the same day.

Getting a medical card will also be harder. For those between the ages of 18 and 20, it’ll require two doctors to sign off, and will hold much more information, including:

  • The date of issue and the effective date of the recommendation;
  • The patient’s name and address;
  • The recommending physician’s name, address, and federal drug enforcement agency number;
  • The THC potency level of medical marijuana being recommended;
  • The dosage form;
  • The daily authorized quantity;
  • Directions for use; and
  • The recommending physician’s signature.

Any advertising that targets this age group will also be prohibited. In almost every way, this can be considered a crackdown on what has until now looked like a laissez-faire approach to high potency concentrates being sold to younger people.

Read the original article at The Denver Channel.

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