Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman teaming to help legalize marijuana

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Lots of businesses including Canopy Growth, Weedmaps, and Cresco Labs have started a pretty big campaign that advocates for weed legalization.

Along with those giant businesses are Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, and comedian Jessimae Peluso.

Drawing attention to frustrating dichotomy between bipartisan civilian support and political gridlock, Seth Rogen says in a video “despite what you may have heard, Americans can actually agree on something–and that something is weed.”

The idea behind the campaign is to rally everyone and let it be known to our legislators that most of us want marijuana legalization, and by a pretty large margin.

“If we don’t make a change soon, we’re settling for laws that disproportionately land people of color in prison. We’re leaving hundreds of thousands of jobs on the table and giving up tax revenue that can go toward education and other community investments,” says Sarah Silverman in a video of her own.

I wouldn’t surprised if more and more celebrities attach their names to this campaign as Schumer gets closer and closer to releasing his Federal weed legalization bill in the coming months.

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