Protests in Mississippi over lack of Medical Marijuana movement

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In November 2020, 74% of voters voted in favor of medical marijuana in the state of Mississippi. But in an example of lawmakers not being on the same side as their constituents, the State Supreme Court struck down the possibility and overruled their votes.

After some heavy blowback, the Governor and State Senate have said they would create their own medical marijuana program in the state.

Eleven months later, not much has come out of the woodwork, and citizens are taking to the streets to protest the inactivity.

“The legislator in Mississippi seems to have realized that oh we let it get away from us in 65. They did not have control of the marijuana industry as the people in Mississippi voted and they’ve said to themselves oh well let’s just rework it. Let’s see where we the state can run this program of course state and federal government always do such a better job of running things then us plain old ignorant American citizens,” said Alan Ramsey, one protestor.

Protests also popped up in May of this year in the state.

Medical marijuana is one issue with bipartisan support, and it seems the protests occurring in the Mississippi are exactly that. The show of unity could end up being a potent message to send to lawmakers.

Read the transcript of the video at WJTV.

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