New York Control Board finally meeting, easing restrictions on Medical Marijuana

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After a long delay and inactivity, the new Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, has appointed all members of the Cannabis Control Board, and they have just held their first meeting.

While retail for recreational marijuana is still unfortunately 18 months away from initiation, the Control Board got straight to easing restrictions on the medical marijuana industry in the state, in particular by allowing flower to be bought. Before now, vape cartridges and oils were the only THC allowed to be legally obtained for medicinal purposes.

Advocates say this will reduce the price of medical marijuana products.

Also, those who can give out Medical cards has expanded, including Dentists and Midwives.

So while we’ll still be waiting a year and half for stores to open their doors, it’s promising to see the Control Board make fast decisions where they can, showing their willingness to get things done.

Read the original story at Buffalo News.

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