New bill could more than triple the weed tax in Oregon

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In past stories, we had championed Oregon as being a state where their marijuana tax wasn’t entirely exorbitant.

However, it looks like Oregon was looking at the greener grass on the other side, and are now trying to get in on all that profit.

A bill scheduled for a vote today would allow counties to up the local marijuana tax from 3% to 10%. This would put it at around the same level as California and Illinois.

In addition to the state tax (set at 17%), Oregonians would now pay 27% taxes on marijuana.

However, counties would need voter approval for the boost in taxes, and depending on the area, that seems like a rather difficult hill to climb.

According the Oregonian, most border counties are proponents of the change, since many people come from Idaho and congest the streets.

Since the standard for marijuana tax is so high, it seems we’ll have to wait a long time for these percentages to be reduced in any large scale market.

Read the original at The Oregonian.


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