Marijuana for sleep jumped 635% during pandemic

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Let’s face it, being stuck inside with a lack of scenery changes makes it a whole lot harder to switch off at the end of the day. We’re all dealing with it to some extent, and lots of us seem to have turned to marijuana to fix that difficulty.

According to a report by Ganja Goddess, a delivery platform, cannabis products that have marketed specifically for sleep have jumped 635%. Now this is a very vague descriptor because it can detail anything from CBD oils to actual marijuana flower, but still, that’s a remarkable jump.

The science behind marijuana helping sleep is very disputed. Many in the sleep field, including Matthew Walker, author of the bestselling book Why We Sleep, argues that due to its suppression of the REM (rapid eye movement) stage, marijuana causes a less restful sleep. Of course, this is ideal for those trying to prevent habitual nightmares or PTSD bouts, but those who don’t suffer from these issues could be delivering a less restful sleep, despite it being easier to doze off at first.

Ganja Goddess also found a 275% increase in revenue on April 20 of last year (4/20) and a 200% increase on Cyber Monday.

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