Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Cookies will start selling marijuana seeds

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MJBizCon happened earlier this month, and being one of the most popular weed brands, Cookies was there to present. Berner, Cookies’ just-as-famous CEO, was also there, and while on the Main Stage, he spoke about how the company is looking to get into selling seeds.

“I really want to start pushing home grow,” Berner said.

So Cookies is getting into the seed business. First impression is that it’s a rather cool and unbusiness-like thing to do. In the long term, you’re fundamentally adding to your competition by giving people the means to grow their own weed instead of buying it from your company. But it seems that Berner is looking at marijuana from a larger scale. He’s trying to grow the culture, not necessarily his bottom line.

The Cookies “Seed Bank” opened on Black Friday and can still be accessed here.

This is the most wholesome way to sell marijuana, and the more companies getting into the seed business the better. Perhaps in the future, home grows will take some of the power away from the gigantic cannabis industry and put it in the individual’s household.

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