Connecticut Governor maybe willing to smoke a joint

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It’s one thing to sign a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. It’s another thing to partake.

Next week, Connecticut will legalize marijuana, and in an interview, Governor Ned Lamont was asked if he would then be willing to smoke a joint.

“Time will tell,” was his response.

To be fair, he seems a little caught off guard by the question so it wouldn’t be surprising if he ends up reigning this back, but it brings to question the power of seeing an elected official smoking marijuana.

Any person in a position of power seen with a joint in their hands would go a long way in normalizing the behavior, especially for those who aren’t typically smokers themselves. It’s very unlikely we’ll see the Connecticut governor with bloodshot eyes any time soon, but the power of such an image would ultimately benefit legalization efforts across the country to a pretty big degree.


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