Marijuana Sales are slipping

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The sales numbers for marijuana in the month of September were 6% lower than August in the state of Colorado. September had a total of $181.1 million in sales, while August reached $192.9, according to a sales report.

Now one month is not nearly enough data to show any sort of pattern, but the downward trend didn’t just begin there. There were already talks of a “Summer slump” that has now crossed into the fall, not just in Colorado but across the board in the industry.

However, another qualifier needs to be attached to this data. 2020 was, by all means, an extraordinary year. And while it seemed that perhaps the sales of that year were just the beginning of a ramped up demand for weed, as time goes on, 2020 is beginning to feel like an outlier.

So for now, it’s quite possible that we have found the peak of the market, and last year will always feel like an anomaly. Of course, we’ll see rises year to year, especially as new states legalize and the idea of smoking marijuana becomes more and more normal. But that will be a slower progress, not as exponential as we’ve gotten used to.

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