Saturday, September 30, 2023

Cannabis Research is about to become much more popular

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Those who seek to do legal research on marijuana, in the past, had to get their resources out of a limited federal pool of marijuana that would quickly run out. Essentially, the small availability had stunted research for decades.

But this new infrastructure bill (as long as Democrat infighting doesn’t ruin its chances of survival) changes all of this! Scientists will now be able to use marijuana from local dispensaries for their research. This opens the door for much more access and a deeper understanding of how our bodies react to the psychoactive abilities of marijuana.

The bill extends access to scientists working in states that do not have legal marijuana. They will have cannabis from dispensaries of other states available to them.

A public report will be created that recommends a way to create a national clearinghouse that would collect and distribute samples coming from approved dispensaries across the country.

If this gets through the House unscathed, we probably won’t see its effects until studies are able to get underway via the new method of collection, but we should expect an influx of studies to be released later this decade.

Read the original at Yahoo.

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