Wednesday, April 17, 2024

California introduces bill that would ban cannabis discrimination

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Newly introduced to the state senate in California is a bill that would ban drug tests from being a justified excuse in terminating an employee if marijuana comes up positive, according to The Sacramento Bee.

There are some exceptions caked into the bill, including those under federal mandate to drug test and building/construction firms.

There are some screenings that do not fall under this version of a drug test. Blood screenings, which test to see if one is presently high, are not part of the bill. This bill specifically targets hair and urine tests, which do not differentiate between being actively high and having BEEN high recently.

“You can’t judge a worker by their urine. If you do that, you’re going to have a piss-poor workforce,” Dale Gieringer, director of NORML, told the Sacramento Bee.

Expect to see similar bills and policies banning drug test discrimination popping up around the country in the near future.

Read the original story at The Sacramento Bee.

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