Apple allowing Weed Delivery on its App store

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When it came to delivery services, it was never quite as easy and convenient in the marijuana world. You’d get the app, shop around, but would have to follow a link to a web browser in order to make any purchases. Certainly much easier than it’s ever been before, but other delivery services could simply stay within the app.

This was because Apple and Google had banned any sales of drugs that were listed as Controlled Substances, which of course still includes marijuana.

But recently, Apple has amended their guidelines to exclude marijuana in specific regions where it is legal.

From their policy:

“Apps that encourage consumption of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol are not permitted on the App Store. Apps that encourage minors to consume any of these substances will be rejected. Facilitating the sale of controlled substances (except for licensed pharmacies and licensed or otherwise legal cannabis dispensaries), or tobacco is not allowed.”

So looks like delivery apps will be able to simplify the process even more. On Apple devices, that is. Google’s app store is still strictly off limits.

Facebook also adheres to a prohibition of marijuana advertisements, and it’s unclear when this will change in either of their cases.

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